Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Like A Tattoo

OK, I'll admit its a Rehanna song! I mean what else could come up in my Millennial brain when I think of a hook with the word tattoo?

Its not like I have not thought about the impenetrable brand that we define with movie stars and motorcycle riders- I've thought about it a lot. This book just put a weird spin on it. I think we all remember those kid-stick-on ones with Power Rangers and animals, they still have them today. My little brother loves them, and guess what, they come off.

Real ones like scars do not come off. It takes soul searching to find out if you really want one. It takes thought provoking skeletal searching to see where, how, what, when this will happen. Most normal people (and my normal I mean 85% of the population) wouldn't even think about getting one. How do I know? Just look on the streets.

Although, I'm not surprised that its jumped up for our age group. It makes sense;we are from a hard scrabble economic existence. We want something to be truly ours, a symbol, a reminder, a pictorial legacy. If I hear one more person say, "You have to work even if its a job you do not want." I'm going to scream from the top of the Empire State. Is this the culprit for WHY this generation is doing this? Its one theory.

I am going to get one. When? Who knows, it keeps changing because my life never works out. I have no time to think about this little minute detail when others keep following me when all I want them to do is stay away. When all I want to do is hide under a rock, body image is not on my top list of concerns. What will it be? THEY will be two horses, small mind you. Where? Bottom of each leg, ankle area. When? No clue. Why? The story's too long and I'm not bringing it up, its already been rehashed with two shrinks.

I know what the main character goes through. I had to put the book down for a few hours because it struck such a chord. I had to stop reading it. Too bad there is no Freud in Samoa because she needs him more than Karen Horny. There are other implications to that I took into account- culture, place, time periods. But seriously, she needs mental help. I don't care how many tribes disowned her grandmother, or how many dreams she can chill in. Your hard wiring is only mailable until age four and then your as good as done. Until four you have a fighting chance, or your brain does anyway.

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