Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Lost Children

I got a phone call about my little brother making his communion a few weeks ago. Its on May 7th and my crazy mother actually asked me when my finals are. How in the world could I have told her when, at the tome I didn't know my schedule?? No idea. I thought back to my communion for some reason. One of my friends who just graduated here had the same communion dress as I did. It was really interesting, and I wrote on her wall, "Feel old, Liams making his communion". What do a tattoo and a communion have in common? I beieve they are both a right of passage.

In our society religious ceremonies are the same significance that a tattoo is for the characters we read about last week and Wendt's. The innocence of the child in Wendt's story is what made me think of the communion. For me, it had nothing to do with God, I just thought I looked really awesome. In a way though, it does strike up a kid's curiosity about Catholicism. In our church we have to go to 2 hour liturgies on Saturday and its brutal. In a way, when you are that young its like prison LOL!

Wendt's story of a child made me think of the children who have no bearing on faith. My mother's lovely sister whose kids are Liam's age, 7 and the other is 10 are not being given a religion. The only reason my aunt christened them is b/c my great aunt Mary offered her the convent for the event. I might be weird, but since I have friends whose parents don't give them a religion, they tend to grow up lost. I can't explain it, but they don't have anything anchoring them into the ground. Then they wind up searching for it as adults. Maybe b/c I am so close to this unorthodox practice and I see what damage it causes, I admire the boy in the story. He knows who Jesus is, but his right of passage is just different in terms of finding Him.

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