Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I will never understand why people get attoos that they want no one ot see. It makes no sense;the thing is permanent, why not show it off? I would want to flaunt mine, and tell people an awesome story about why I did it. The thought of having something that takes a Lazar to take off being hidden defeats the purpose of getting it in the first place. Its pointless.

The main character in the story this week has a different issue. He has a pretty important tattoo and he has it visible, but his purpose makes zero sense. "I got this because I love God." If one of my non religious friends got a attoo for that reason, I'd think they were weird.

Now the main character has a lot of flaws, and he's multi dimensional and shallow but his attempts to please his wife might be the reason he did it. In an act of desperation he wants to show her that he cares about what she 'embraces'. The controversial fact is that she is a giant hypocrite who really uses reliigon to wave flag and say, "Look at me" but those are most likely his reasons for doing it. If he was truly saved, I think we would have seen a more profound metaphor. It just seems to come out of nowhere in terms of the story's events.

Tattoos are a big deal. The decision to get one is a big deal and is not taken lightly. As we have talked about in class, people's parents will kick them out of the house. The fact that someone gets an extremely random tattoo, who is not religious ot begin with just makes no sense. When you come back to God, start small. Go to church or join a group, don't get a tattoo just to show off your body art in relation to religion and how "devout" you are, unless you practice what you preach.

I have never hard of someone just getting a tattoo to prove a point, or prove something to someone else. The main character is not looking at this for what it is and acknowledging his own feelings about God or his relationship with his wife. he simply wants something to cling to, and it just so happens to be religion. he is not becoming religious for the REAL reasons people turn to faith. While it makes for a really interesting character, the reasons for his metamorphisis nis just random. He does not do things for the right reasons, and does them to make himself look better. It is a very selfish idea.

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